2007 Angie Award for Best Screenplay, International Mystery Writer’s Festival. Two other screenplays, a TV pilot, and a stage play. 
Twice elected to the board of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Three-times elected to the board of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. 
Created and marketed Law Firm Moneymaker and Writer’s Business Manager software packages. 
CBC National Radio - Business/Finance Writer-Broadcaster, As It Happens
Network Reporter covering BC Politics for Western Information Network during Bill Bennett’s government. 
Developer of the Top-Down Writing™ system that produces remarkable, measurable improvements in students’ writing quickly and easily. 
Better Writing for Lawyers, my book on legal writing, has been licensed by legal education societies for courses in Canada, the US, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. 
Pioneer in the Field of Distance Education for more than twenty years. In the early eighties—while in law school, actually—I worked on a project for the Knowledge Network where we used Arapnet (the forerunner of the Internet) to coordinate a team in Canada, New Zealand and the UK. This was ten years before the World Wide Web was even a dream. More recently, I have owned and operated my own online writing school ( with students from every continent but Antarctica, and I’ve taught online for a community college in Las Vegas without ever leaving BC.  
High-Demand Speaker on the business aspects of writing for a living. I am frequently asked to speak at writers conferences.  My own agent from New York even quotes me as an expert in her book The Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published. 
Consultant on Plain-Language Legal Writing and Drafting to law firms and provincial governments. 
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2007 Angie Award
Best Screenplay for