My clients have included:

  1. American Society of Journalists and Authors – New York. Editing a 32-page "newsletter" that is really more of a magazine. In addition to assigning and editing all content, I wrote the legal, and computer columns as well as three market columns myself.

  2. Okanagan College – Kelowna, BC. Writing then voicing a CD-ROM promoting their computer animation and audio engineering programs.

  3. British Columbia Knowledge Network – Vancouver, BC. Produced press materials. Wrote scripts for educational TV shows. Handled media inquiries.

  4. NutraVite Pharmaceuticals – Kelowna, BC. Prepared a variety of advertising and informational material for them, in particular, a booklet outlining drug interactions and contraindications.

  5. KFMS-FM/RKO Radio – San Francisco, California. Promotion Manager. Prepared press material, wrote advertising copy for broadcast, print, and outdoor media, handled the media buying, and dealt with the media.

  6. Dick Clark Productions/KPRO Radio – Hollywood/Riverside, California. Wrote advertising copy. Produced commercials.

  7. Heflin-Perrin Barristers & Solicitors – Nelson, British Columbia. This was my own law practice, which I built from the ground up with creative advertising and savvy media relations. I created an ad campaign that actually had people stopping me on the street to congratulate me on it and tell me they were waiting eagerly for my next ad.

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  7. Corporate Communications

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2007 Angie Award
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