1. Experienced - I wrote my first line of computer code before Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister—the first time. I bought my first computer in 1982; I just bought my 18th a few weeks ago.

  2. Expert on MS Word - I literally wrote the book on Microsoft Word: The Power of Microsoft Word, MIS Press, 1988.

  3. Software Developer - In the 1990s, I created a document management system for lawyers then created a software company to market it. Then I modified it and marketed it to writers under a different name.

    During my last week articling at the Immigration and Refugee Board, they flew me to every one of their offices to install a database system of my own invention and train their people in its use.

  4. Computer Journalist - For fifteen years, ending last fall, I was the computer columnist for The Scrivener, the magazine of the BC Society of Notaries Public. I’ve also been computer columnist for several other magazines, was a contributing editor for ComputerWorld Canada, and have written features for a variety of other magazines.

  5. Technical Writer – I’ve written documentation for everything from complete computer systems to laser printers, dot matrix printers, peripheral boards, and software packages (my own and those of other companies).

  6. IT Management – In addition to setting up and managing the networks for my own law firms, I’ve managed IT for two law firms at which I’ve been a staff lawyer, dealing with most issues myself but liaising with outside IT professionals when necessary.

  7. Versatile - I work in Windows, Linux, OS X, DOS or even CP/M with equal ease. In fact, as I type this, I have three computers running on my desk, one running Windows™, one running Linux, and one running both Macintosh OS X and Windows™ XP simultaneously.

    I can work in MS Word (Windows, DOS or OS X), OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Pagemaker…pretty much you name it and I’ve worked with it at some point.

  1. Notable Achievements

  2. Writer

  3. Producer

  4. Photographer

  5. Lawyer

  6. Adult Educator

  7. Corporate Communications

  1. Management Experience

  2. Computer Expertise

  1. Education

  2. International

  3. Professional Memberships


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