I hold the rights to the following properties and am actively seeking partners to help develop and produce them.


  1. Albatross - It’s 1988. The First Lady of the United States is being blackmailed by East German intelligence. But rather than turning for help to her husband--the most powerful man on the planet--she turns to an old lover who happens to be the president’s chief political enemy.

  2. Bad Bourbon - A group of former high-school friends break into a bourbon warehouse for a night of drunken partying, but when it becomes apparent that someone is trying to kill one of them and they become trapped, suddenly it’s not so fun anymore.

  3. A Song for Bernie. A lonely loser decides not to kill himself when he meets a mysterious woman whom he comes to believe is the Virgin Mary.

  4. The Burial of Buffalo Bill Cody - A caper movie involving swapped bodies, America’s greatest showman, America’s greatest yellow journalist, old promises that must be kept, and loyal friends that are determined to help even a dead man keep them.

  5. Living Off Pretty - An aging call girl and her protégée come into conflict in glamorous Las Vegas.

  6. Zero Avenue - It’s 1969: sex, drugs, and carpet bombing along the Laotian border. An American teen lives just south of Zero Avenue, which runs along the border in Surrey, British Columbia. Across the street is his Canadian best friend. When his draft notice comes, the American is put to his choice and “moving to Canada” is as simple as stepping across a drainage ditch and crossing the street to his friend’s house.

  7. Hannibal of Carthage - Hannibal was able to march an army and elephants from Spain to Italy, defeat the Roman legion four times in the first year, then pretty much have his way for the next seventeen years. Yet he still lost the war and it was Carthage, not Rome, that was pulled down and burned, the ground plowed with salt so it would never grow anything again. Who was this man often cited as the best general in history, whose battles are still studied at West Point? This is the very human tale of a boy taught to hate the Romans by his father and a man who never forgave them until his final defiant act, killing himself as they closed in on his Asian hiding place.


  1. Reel Law - An impossible love, murder and mystery, the glamour of the movies. These are the background for Reel Law, a series that takes place in a boutique law firm in Vancouver serving the people of the entertainment industry.

  2. In the Footsteps of Hannibal - Part travel, part documentary, a troupe of adventurers propose to trace Hannibal’s journey from Cartagena, over the Alps and down Italy to his major battle sites, ending at Cannae, the site of his major victory. This is envisioned as a short-run series (12 or 13 weeks) on something like The Discovery Channel.

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2007 Angie Award
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