1. Managing Partner - Heflin-Perrin, Nelson, BC - 1993-1996. Staffing, accounting, hardware and software sourcing and acquisitions

  2. Sole Practitioner - Timothy Perrin Law Office - Nelson, BC 1992-93, Westbank, BC 1996 and 2008. Clever marketing allowed me to walk into this market total unknown and, within a few weeks, have people stopping me on the street to tell me they were actually waiting for my next ad to come out. Oh yeah. It also drove the bodies through the door with checkbooks in hand.

  3. Proprietor - - 1996-2002. In an era when dot-coms were going bust, I was consistently profitable. I used contract teachers, careful quality control, and closely targeted marketing to create a loyal clientele that came back for course after course.

  4. President - Perrin Software Corp. - It started with a simple bookkeeping program for writers created in MS Basic in 1983. It ended with thousands of lines of code in a highly complex document management system marketed to lawyers under one name and to writers under another.

  5. Freelance Writer - Since 1975 I’ve been self-employed as a freelance writer, managing the cash flow, collecting the receivables, qualifying the prospects. I’ve learned most of the hard lessons by now. I hope.

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2007 Angie Award
Best Screenplay for