This is just a sample. My list of writing credits runs more than a dozen pages, single-spaced. I'll be happy to provide it on request. Just click on any heading in the menu to the left to go to that section.

+  Screenwriter / Playwright

+  Author

+  Contributor / Reprints

+  Cited or Quoted

+  Magazine Journalist

+  Columnist


Fifteen years in radio and TV in California and BC including:

  1. CBC National Radio, Toronto - Business/Finance Writer-Broadcaster, As It Happens

  2. Political Reporter covering BC Government  - Western Information Network, Vancouver/Victoria, BC; CHEK- TV, Victoria

  3. TV Newsroom Assignment Editor - CHEK Television (CTV Affiliate), Victoria,

  4. Radio News Anchor - CFAX Radio, CKDA Radio, Victoria

  5. Announcer / Disk Jockey: KPSJ, San Jose, CA; KFMS, Fremont, CA; KPRO, Riverside, CA; KUCR, Riverside, CA

  6. Promotion Director for RKO General’s San Francisco FM outlet at the age of 21.

  7. Radio time sales in San Jose.

  1. Notable Achievements

  2. Writer

  3. Screenwriter

  4. Author

  5. Contributor

  6. Cited In

  7. Magazine Journalist

  8. Columnist

  9. Broadcaster

  10. Producer

  11. Photographer

  12. Lawyer

  13. Adult Educator

  14. Corporate Communications

  1. Management Experience

  2. Computer Expertise

  1. Education

  2. International

  3. Professional Memberships


2007 Angie Award
Best Screenplay for