This is just a sample. My list of writing credits runs more than a dozen pages, single-spaced. I'll be happy to provide it on request. Just click on any heading in the menu to the left to go to that section.

+  Screenwriter / Playwright

+  Author

+  Contributor / Reprints


  1. BOOKS

  2. Alberta History, 1987. Historical Society of Alberta, Edmonton

  3. Dictionary of Midwestern Literature, Philip A. Greasley, 2001, Indiana U. Press, Bloomington

  4. Effective Written Advocacy, Thomas A. Cromwell, 2008, Canada Law Book, Toronto

  5. Health Writer’s Handbook, Barbara Gastel, 2005, Blackwell Publishing, Malden, Massachusetts

  6. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published, Sheree Bykofsky, 1998, Alpha Books, New York

  7. Legal Writing in Plain English, Bryan A. Garner, 2001, U. of Chicago Press

  8. Marketing Strategies for Writers, Michael Sedge, 1999, Allworth Press, New York

  9. Preaching That Connects, Mark Galli, Brian Larson, Craig Brian Larson, 1994, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  10. Ray Bradbury Uncensored! Gene Beley, 2006, iUniverse

  11. “Legal Drafting: Language and the Law,” David Elliott, 1990, Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice


  13. The Business Benefits of Plain Language by Cheryl Stephens

  14. What Should I Charge? by Silver Donald Cameron

  15. Legal Research and Writing - Law 110, University of Victoria Faculty of Law Course Outlines, 2004-5 through 2008-9.

  16. Some Advice About Trade Publishers, by Barbara Florio Graham,

  17. BC Author Bank, BC Bookworld,

  18. Books on Plain Legal Language, Plain Language Association International

  19. Suggested Resources for Use By Lawyers, Plain Language Association International

+  Magazine Journalist

+  Columnist

+  Broadcaster

  1. Notable Achievements

  2. Writer

  3. Screenwriter

  4. Author

  5. Contributor

  6. Cited In

  7. Magazine Journalist

  8. Columnist

  9. Broadcaster

  10. Producer

  11. Photographer

  12. Lawyer

  13. Adult Educator

  14. Corporate Communications

  1. Management Experience

  2. Computer Expertise

  1. Education

  2. International

  3. Professional Memberships


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