This is just a sample. My list of writing credits runs more than a dozen pages, single-spaced. I'll be happy to provide it on request. Just click on any heading in the menu to the left to go to that section.

+  Screenwriter / Playwright

+  Author


  1. BOOKS

  2. Agents, Editors, and You, Michelle Howry, ed., 2002, Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati.

  3. The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing: A Professional Guide to the Business for Nonfiction Writers of All Experience Levels., Timothy Harper, ed. 2003, St. Martin's Griffin, New York.

  4. Author Law A-Z: A Desktop Guide to Writers’ Rights and Responsibilities, Sallie Randolph, Stacy Davis, Anthony Elia, Karen Dustman, 2005, Capital Books, Sterling, VA

  5. Conversations with Ray Bradbury , Steven Aggelis, ed. 2002, University of Mississippi Press.

  6. Essay Essentials with Reading, 3rd ed., Sarah Norton and Brian Green, eds. 2003, Nelson, Scarborough.

  7. Essays: Patterns and Perspectives, Judith Barker-Sandbrook, ed. 1992, Oxford University Press, Toronto.

  8. Just Open a Vein, William Brohaugh, ed. 1987, Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati.

  9. Language At Work, Nigel Gough and Gael Tickner, eds. 1987, HBJ-Holt Canada, Toronto.

  10. The Mortgage and Credit Handbook, 1989, Grosvenor House Press, Toronto.

  11. PWAC Guide to Roughing It in the Market: A Survival Guide for the Savvy Writer, Angie Gallop, ed. 2003, Periodical Writer's Association of Canada, Toronto.

  12. The Writers Digest Handbook of Magazine Writing, 2nd ed. , 2005, Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati.


  14. 10 Ways to Cultivate New Markets,

  15. An Offer You Can Refuse,

  16. Publishing Contract Checklist,

+  Cited or Quoted

+  Magazine Journalist

+  Columnist

+  Broadcaster

  1. Notable Achievements

  2. Writer

  3. Screenwriter

  4. Author

  5. Contributor

  6. Cited In

  7. Magazine Journalist

  8. Columnist

  9. Broadcaster

  10. Producer

  11. Photographer

  12. Lawyer

  13. Adult Educator

  14. Corporate Communications

  1. Management Experience

  2. Computer Expertise

  1. Education

  2. International

  3. Professional Memberships


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